Inside Google+ - how the search giant plans to go social

Inside Google+ - how the search giant plans to go social: "Google Plus

Google, the world's largest search company, is formally making
its pitch to become a major force in social networking. The product
it announced on Tuesday is called Google+, and observers might
wonder whether it's simply one more social effort by a company
that's had a lousy track record in that field to date.

Parts of it certainly seem to appear similar to what we've seen
before. One significant component is a continuous scroll called
'the stream' that's an alternative to Facebook's news feed -- a hub
of personalised content. It has a companion called 'Sparks,'
related to one's specified interests. Together they are designed to
be a primary attention-suck of Google users. Google hopes that
eventually people will gravitate to the stream in the same way that
members of Facebook or Twitter constantly check those continuous
scrolls of personalised information.

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