Berserk film gets a title, more updates promised

Berserk film gets a title, more updates promised: "

We haven't heard any news of the Berserk anime film since January, when it was announced that it was happening. Now, months later, news comes that...yep, it's still happening.

Oh alright, Studio 4ºC has stated that the film's official title will be Berserk Ogan Jidai-Hen I: Hao no Tamago, or Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler. This means the anime will be starting with the material from volume 3 of the manga, as the Golden Age arc lasts from volume 3 until volume 13. For comparison, the 25 episode anime was a condensed form of volumes 1 through 13.

It's unknown how many manga volumes this movie will cover, but it's the first in a series of films that intends to adapt the entire manga, so I imagine this film won't struggle to cover the entire Golden Arc. As for the first two volumes of the manga, they're part of the second story arc.

Director Toshiyuki Kubooka says more updates will be coming as the film continues production, specifically via a Twitter account under the name Clara de Porras of the fictional Midland Kingdom's Public Relations Office. Maybe we'll even get to see a trailer soon, seeing as buzz says the film will be out in January.

[ANN via Anime Shinbun]


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